back to article Google shelves 3D interwebs plug-in for Mozilla play

Google has shelved its 3D graphics browser plug-in - the open source API known as O3D - opting instead for the WebGL standard originally developed by Mozilla. On Friday, with a blog post, Google announced that O3D is morphing from a plug-in project into a Javascript library that runs atop WebGL. Backed by the Khronos Group, …


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Good news for once

The last thing anyone needs is 2 rival standards for using OpenGL on the web - this way all contributions can put towards the same effort.

One of the reason of Linux's success (not on the desktop but in general) has to the down to the fact that it hasn't forked (yet)

Now all we need to for Kde and Gnome to join forces and we're set !

The more Mozilla and google work together the better for everybody.

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No plugin = run everywhere

And by not needing plugins you don't have to worry about supporting lots of different mobile OSes and ARM powered tablets.

And it's not as easy for certain companies to lock you out of their platform - unless they also want to ban Javascript.


"speed up its standards adoption"

"This is a working draft document and may be updated, replaced or obsoleted by other documents at any time"

doesn't look like it's a standard yet.

or, given MS's approach to support and backwards compatability, are you SERIOUSLY advocating they support the current version, given that it'll then be frozen at that level for backwards compatability reasons for several years?

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