back to article Virtual Instruments nabs Symantec ex-CEO

US business establishment great and good member John Thompson, the ex-CEO of Symantec, has become CEO of tiny Virtual Instruments. Virtual Instruments (VI) is a tiny but fast-growing firm supplying products to monitor virtualised data centre infrastructures, such as NetWisdom and VirtualWisdom. It recently introduced a …


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Google: Symantec Sucks

So he was in charge of Symantec during the same period when Symantec's Norton-branded consumer PC "security" products went from not-too-bad to utterly-pure-evil crapware (NIS 2007)? He must be so proud. Those bums still owe me thousands of dollars of wasted time, frustration, and lost PC usage.


Worthy of a Title, doubtful

Though i hate Symantec, with a burning passion, I respect John Thompson as business man and technology leader, this little company will likely do very well under his command.

He proved several things in his tenure at symantec, the most obvious being that race is irrelevant, if you put your mind to it, anyone can accomplish anything they want. The other thing he proved is that as long as you're a good business man, you can make money and grow a company despite a complete lack of useful products while accompanied by brain dead engineers ( see symantec's line of security products).

Symantec's slogan should read: We're better at making money than we are at making useful products! Thank you McAfee for hoisting us up from being, and taking the title as the worst anti-virus product ever made.

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