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Music games are "burgeoning in the UK, ringing up £95.1m sales in 2009. This is not quite as good as it sounds - sales were £107.7m in 2008. Ubisoft's Just Dance for Nintendo Wii was Leader of the Pack, outselling all other music games in the year. Activision's Guitar Hero series took six places in the top ten. Take That's …


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The digital version are more expensive that the paper version - what could be better proof than that that the music industry doesn't "get" the whole in

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It's a shame that I've never seen any of the 'guitars' made as left-handed models.

Some of us are blessed with the same orientation as St Jimi of the Hendrix but are unable to emulate the great man as we would like to.

And don't think you can do Black Sabbath stuff properly either without playing left-handed - I won't go so far as demanding fingertips being cut off but a right-handed Tommy Iommi?

Single-plug 'drum kits' are also a load of poo and there isn't a right-handed person out there that can properly emulate Phil Collins when trying to do 'In The Air Tonight' drum part.

While you are about to start trying your favourite Deep Purple track - you need a left-handed drum kit to do it justice.

In the meantime I'm off to get some small pyro to set up the front room for full the Hammersmith effect.

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