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"A new version of Iomega Storage Manager is available," the app announces on launch. "Click here to download it." And then it "quits unexpectedly", as Mac OS X politely describes the event, although this happens every time you run it. Click for the upgrade and install it, and the same message about a new version being available …


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  1. Afx

    Good...but not that good

    Ive already had one of these devices and since sent it back from whence it came(amazon)

    Like the reviewer i was less than impressed with the firmware, support is somewhat lacking too.

    If you want a cheap way of sharing a bunch of USB drives on your network then this really is a very good way of doing, it feels well made and it looks the part too, The wireless N aspect is particularly good.

    Unfortunately its the extra bits that go along with this that just dont work very well. Printer sharing is rather hit and miss, with lots of problems being reported on the support forums. As mentioned in the review, the bittorrent aspect is utterly useless, I tried multiple torrents from a lot of different sources and whilst one file did actually start to download, the actual page where the status of your torrents is supposed to show, never actually updated, the only way i could see anything was happening was to view the increasing file size on my harddrive. And as i say this was the only one that even showed signs of working. I dont know if this device has the oomph to run a fully featured torrent package, but many devices seem to manage to run the likes of transmission.

    Basically if you want a nice simple way of sharing USB drives wirelessly on your network then this is a pretty good choice. If you want some of the more "deluxe" features then you probably want to fork out for a more expensive device.

  2. Cicero

    Not a surprise

    The firmware glitches and annoying problems will be no suprise to anyone who has had the misfortune of paying for a Iomega consumer NAS device recently. Just check the user forums of the Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive: device bricking firmware updates, clunky software, unpredictable performance, an administrator log on screen that can be bypassed by pressing enter a few times....

    Wouldn't touch Iomega again with a bargepole.

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