back to article Sony coughs to PSN update woes

Sony has coughed to a series of woes affecting gamers trying to pay for content on its PlayStation Network following a major behind-the-scenes upgrade applied to the online service yesterday. The new PlayStation Network Store went live yesterday morning and to encourage some purchasing activity, Sony announced dozens of …


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Modern Warfare?

Didn't additional content for Modern Warfare 2 become available yesterday resulting in a gazillion downloads? What a great time to update the system.


This happend to me lol!

i think ima have to check my bank account because i got only 1 email saying i had payed for MW2 Stimulus but i went to check my available downloads and noticed that it was in their like 7 times! ARGH!

P.S. 24 hours! thats not long for average folk who dont have access to online banking/bankstatment machines to check and see if they have actualy been billed a million times.... and then to try claim a refund! cmon sony atleast give the poor victims of this "Scam" a chance to claim hahah

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