back to article HAMR knocks perpendicular recording down a notch

A manufacturer in the hard disk drive industry has ordered a Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) deposition tool from Veeco - another sign of the end of perpendicular magnetic recording. Perpendicular recording won't run out of steam for some years but disk drive manufacturers are already investigating alternatives to …


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Don't we already do that with optical media ?

Heat the surface before writing data - yep, it's done on CDs, DVDs, HDDVDs and BRDVDs. And probably some other I don't remember right now.

So they are saying that hard discs are about to go optical. To write data we're going to have to wait for a laser to heat the surface and then let a magneto-thingy change polarities on perpendicular nanoscale thingamajigs.

Do they still guarantee sub-10 millisecond write times ? Or are we going to have hard discs rated at 5ms read/150ms write performance ?



HAMR is not the tech they use for optical mediums, since the amount of heat generated is significantly less, over a significantly smaller surface area, hence, significantly faster to write a bit.


Links please, Chris!

@ Pascal: The write time (=read time for HDD) would be similar to present technology. If anything, since linear densities would be higher, the read and write times would go down if the spin rates were kept the same.

Please provide links to press releases or some more information when publishing these articles, Chris. While your articles may amaze the average Register reader, some of us crave more information and would like to be directed as to where to look for it.

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