back to article Handicapping the microprocessor race

In my latest webcast, I talked to Nathan Brookwood, chief analyst at Insight64, about the current state of the chip wars. Nathan is one of those analysts who really knows the market and isn’t shy about expressing his opinions. We had a wide-ranging conversation covering the market as it is today, where the major players are …


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No transcript, As Usual?

Isn't there a transcript of this available for download? I might be the only one, but I loath "webcasts", and I pretty much avoid anything distributed in audio or video format with only *extremely* rare exceptions. A big problem with the web nowadays is that there is a tendency to make it as "television-like" as possible. Not being a television watcher, I am not thrilled with this. Because Adobe is currently the chief enabler of this trend, I would even be applauding Apple's crusade against Flash, except that Steve Jobs is just about the most loathsome personality in the computer industry today. (I understand that Apple is not against this trend, but my initial impulse is is to applaud anything that punishes Adobe because they are the present owners of the currently most prevalent means of web "televisionization".)


Can never be bothered.

Sad to say but I gave up even bothering to listen to webcasts years ago,

How about a transcript?

Reading feels like 'taking part' and I just don't know why but listening seems like indoctrination by diatribe.

But always so darn boring!

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