back to article Megan Fox not world's sexiest woman: Official

It's official: Megan Fox is merely the second most sexy woman in the world, according to FHM's annual analysis of just who its readers consider the pick of international females. For the second year running, the Transformers "actress" must bow to Girls Aloud warbler Cheryl Cole, as must Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller, …


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  1. M Gale
    Paris Hilton


    Well, where is she?

  2. Jelliphiish
    Paris Hilton


    you're asking fhm readers.. why does that qualify as a sufficient poll?

    I'm surprised some of them have sufficient manual dexterity to turn the pages for the perrdy picchewers..

    paris, she'd win a similar poll of reg readers hands..erm.. down..

  3. screaminfakah


    Megan Fox is way better looking but I bet ya there is a bunch of people who hate them both! Ex-boyfriends/girlfriends maybe?

  4. cjmUK
    Paris Hilton

    IT Angle?

    I'm not really bothered, mind. Better than looking at pictures of Steve Ballmer...

    Paris - Because she's the number 1 skank for El Reg...

    1. Ray0x6

      hands... erm... down...


    2. M Gale

      Oh come on

      Two downvotes? What makes my Paris jokes different from everyone else's?

      Bunch of humourless bastards. Bet you're just envious I was first. Grumblegrumble...

      1. Captain Save-a-ho

        Right our wrong

        You're right...we're completely jealous.

        You also happened to miss a down vote, so I helped you.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whoever said she was?

    When has dumb & talentless ever been sexy?

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Whoever said she was?

      Which one are you talking about?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      Gah, I just can't think when! ??

      Paris, because she'll do anything for a friend...

      1. Captain Save-a-ho

        Does it matter

        Type your comment here -- plain text only, no HTML.

    3. Brutus
      Paris Hilton


      When dumb & talentless is combined with hot and loose!

  6. madmattttt

    Whats the difference...

    Whats the difference between the volcano in Iceland and Cheryl Cole?

    The volcano is still blowing ash

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I never thought Megan Fox was #1

    I wouldn't kick her out but I never thought Megan was #1 but Cole definitely is not in the top 100 for me.

  8. Klaus

    Kristen Stewart???

    Sorry, but this entire poll must be called into question if Kristen Stewart was anywhere in the running.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Kristen Stewart???

      Kristen Stewart was bound to be in there because all the Twilight fans co-ordinate to vote for her. That's how she got that best newcomer BAFTA too. She has the grace to be a bit embarrassed about it. I feel a bit bad for her.

      Anyway, she is kind of sexy in a stroppy smudge-eyed teenage sort of way. She always looks like she's just fallen out of a shooting gallery.

      1. Marcus Aurelius

        You mean

        There are male Twilight fans?

        1. El


          Male Twilight fans, yes. Straight male Twilight fans, no.

      2. Kevin Reader
        Paris Hilton

        Is this some sort of jargon...

        If the esteemed Moderatrix will excuse my (cough) innocence is: "She always looks like she's just fallen out of a shooting gallery." some sort of exotic, erotic or feminine jargon that I've missed out on. The mind boggles...

        I thought this poster summed up the whole twilight situation in a different light:

        As to Ms Cole nee Tweedy I've often thought that she manages to be very pretty in a very not-sexy way. Its more like looking at a very attractive relative, than someone oozing sexuality, or even showing it. (Oh dear did I write that out loud). Rather like Rachel Stevens has always been and who's also in the 100.

        Ms Hilton for several very obvious reasons.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          re: Is this some sort of jargon...

          Shooting gallery = place to shoot up ie. needles/drugs.

      3. I didn't do IT.

        Ah, Bless, Sarah

        Truly you will always be #1 in our... um... hearts.

      4. Richard 120

        Why were you not on the list then?

        I watched that Twilight film, I don't really get it.

      5. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        ...Sarah Bee thinks Kristen Stewart is sexy.

        On an unrelated note, don't know if you've tried searching for "Sarah Bee" in Google image search, but is that second pic actually of _your_ tattoos?

        1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

          Re: Hehe...

          Haha. No, those are not my rather lame emo wrist tattoos.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Kristen Stewart????

      Cheryl "Anorexic Skank" Cole won the poll and you think it's the presence of Kirsten Stewart that calls it into question?

    3. Alan W. Rateliff, II
      Paris Hilton

      US: Alyassa Milano, UK: Billie Piper

      Ugh, I gotta go along with the AC on this one. I would not throw out Megan Fox, mostly because she reminds me of Tea Leoni circa "Bad Boys." I did not know who Cheryl Cole was until this article, and I am still a bit meh on the issue.

      Now, throw me an Alyssa Milano or a Billie Piper, and I am all there. (Of course, I suspect my friends from the other side of The Pond will probably help me out if my BP fascination is unhealthy.)

      Paris, meh.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    @ AC

    When has dumb & talentless ever been sexy

    Errrr Since Adam met Eve?

  10. James 6

    Do they pay people to vote for them?

    "Twilight star Kristen Stewart"

    Since when does looking like a ghost (even when not starring in spooky movies) count as sexy? If I saw her walking down the street she wouldn't even register as pretty in my head, never mind sexy.

    Exhibit A -

    6th Sexist celebrity? Really!?

  11. ThaRobster
    Thumb Down


    What, were they polling the people in Ann Summers buying ball-gags?

    Seriously, she's ok, right up to the point where she starts talking.

  12. The_Police!

    I for one

    welcome Megan Fox as my overlord!

    1. John G Imrie Silver badge


      What, were they polling the people in Ann Summers buying ball-gags?

      No they have taste. Mainly the taste of rubber I'll grant you, but it's still taste.

  13. Andrew Bush

    Cole is okay, but...

    ...I can't understand a word she says.

    Even the L'Oreal shampoo advert rapidly voiced over most of her 'vocal talent' in their advert with a more easy to understand bloke. Perhaps subtitles would have been an option?

    I think I prefer Megan Fox too. Plus, if my car ever breaks down she can fix it for me.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cheryl Cole?

    Cheryl Cole? As in the foul-mouthed racist Cheryl Cole?

    Hooray! What excellent taste folk have.

  15. solarian


    The FHM staff have clearly gone blind, for some reason.

  16. Dr Insanity

    IT Angle?

    because 2nd or otherwise, I'd still put IT in at any angle

  17. Arkasha
    Thumb Up

    Well Cheryl did say

    that she likes chubby blokes so that gets my vote!

    1. Captain Save-a-ho

      There, I fixed it.

      "Well Cheryl did say that she likes bloke chubbies so that gets my vote!"

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    May I suggest a better metric.

    How about that none of these femmes are "sexy" until we've seen them *completely* naked?

    I nominate Paris.

  19. richard 69

    for dinner i would like...

    a keeley and kelly sandwich...

    that is all.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My vote...

    ...goes to Charlize Theron. Class.

  21. Dante

    Post your own message

    I hope Sarah Teather is in this list.

  22. Richard Scratcher
    Jobs Halo

    She could never be number 1, not with that ghastly font.

    Now if she'd had her tasteful tattoos done in Lucida Grande or maybe even Zapfino, then she'd be poetry in motion.

  23. Annihilator

    I bet..

    That Megan Fox will be crying herself to sleep tonight at the loss, and lovely Cheryl Cole will be celebrating but will still be crying after all the emotion of the X-Factor finals.

    Meanwhile, back on planet earth where there's a spewing oil well, an economic meltdown in Greece and an election..

  24. Ad Fundum

    The Olsen twins, Hermione Granger and an odd question ...

    I stopped reading FHM when the Olsen twins and that Hermione bod from Harry Potter started appearing in the charts.

    And here's my question: how exactly is dust 'sexy', as in "coughing in her sexy dust"? Are the readers confused as to whether they were voting for world's sexiest woman or world's sexiest dust? Or is it just the talentless hacks churning out cliche after cliche at FHM?

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    look deeper, america...

    looks like no one in the US is aware of her whole "smacking the toilet attendant lady and making racist jibes" incident.....

    she is hot though.

    1. Oz

      Re: Look deeper, America

      Aye, she is hot, and she is a bit feisty. I fancy that! ;-)

      1. Paul 4

        What has America got to do with it?

        I don't get it.

  26. El
    Paris Hilton

    In the world?

    Cheryl who? Serious, has anybody outside of the UK even heard of Girls Aloud? I suspect their sample space is a bit skewed.

  27. TBx

    Tech News?

    Am I missing the part of this story that is Technology related? There have been some items on here that end with some explanation of the tenuous Tech link. No attempt made in this story.

    1. Colin Guthrie

      You must be....

      You must be new here.


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