back to article EVA to become P6000 in HP's Converged Infrastructure

HP's Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) will be rebranded as the P6000 and be a main player in HP's Converged Infrastructure (CI). Converged Infrastructure is a set of integrated stacks of server, storage and networking with a common management layer, orderable as single SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). An updated server element was …


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What are the marketing droids thinking

Dear marketing Droid,

The main reason for your existence is to allow your company’s product to be easy to distinguish from the competition’s. Except for that you are just a cost centre expense.

IBM has a 6000 range, Sun has a 6000 range, NetApp has a FAS6000 range and now HP will have a 6000 range?

Can you please explain why giving the product list the same range number systems as the opposition is going to accomplish that? Unless, of course, you want to confuse the customers as the product has no features which differentiates it from theirs?


Hardware Sales Guy who has to go and sell this.

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