back to article Carphone Warehouse fills up in Q4

CarphoneWarehouse shares hit a year high this morning after it posted strong growth for the fourth quarter. Like-for-like revenue for Carphone Warehouse Europe was up three per cent, though it did give an actual figure, despite a 2.9 per cent fall in connections. By contrast Best Buy Mobile US connections were up 34.2 per cent …


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I don't understand why they exist/persist?

Why do they exist at all?

You go in CPW to get broadband internet and/or ask about offers etc, so you get the exact same offers as at the providers' shops (next door) themselves and (after 15min) some confused stab at an answer. It's anyway faster to get this info online. And your contract will not be with CPW, but with the provider.

Yes they have their own phone business (Talkmobile) but that's tiny. You go in to top up (instead of online or with topup card) and this confuses them, costing you 20min.

This is in the boonies though --- in London (Angel) there was 5 personnel hanging round chatting until a customer may stray in.

I don't see where in the chain money is made, is this clear from the financial data? Do they keep receiving a monthly quid for having put me in touch with Virgin for broadband?


God Knows....

....They haven't built their business up on Customer Service thats for sure...


Re; Deals

I got my last phone though which is part of Carphone warehouse. The tariff was one I hadn't seen anywhere else and still hasn't been beaten 3 months later (I do check, I'm sad like that).

Still no idea how they make money, but I know that I'll be going back there if I need a new contract.

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