back to article Sony confirms PS3 3D update inbound

Sony has announced that PlayStation 3 firmware version 3.30 will be available "shortly" and will pave the way for the roll-out of stereoscopic 3D gaming. Sony announced earlier this month that a couple of PS3 updates are on their way: one to add stereoscopic 3D gaming, the other to enable support for 3D Blu-ray Disc content. …


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worse update yet

Not only is this update a bandwidth waster with zero new features worth mentioning (oh we can now sort our ghey lil trophys woohoo!) but Sony only pushed it out and made it mandatory for two reasons.

1. to try to encourage people to blow $2500+ on their sagging TV line (Bravia 3D still buggy I hear)

2. force user to agree to their new draconian TOS that allows Sony to delete or change any software on your PS3 at any time without consent or notice. Wtf isn't this illegal under EU law?

I guess even after the rootkit fiasco Sony still hasn't learned that breaking laws or doing unethical things to control your paying customers behavior just doesn't make good business sense. Man I regret ever letting the trojan horse that is the PS3 in my home.



"Sony didn't say when the update will be posted, but releases usually follow hard on the heels of such announcements"

By the time your article was posted, it was already available.

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