back to article Nokia welcomes a slow 2010

Nokia's first three months of 2010 were passable, but not good enough for investors, and the company saw fewer handsets going to the USA. Net sales hit €9.5bn - three per cent more than Nokia made in the first part of 2009. Operating profit jumped to €488m, which compares well to the paltry €55m in same period last year, but …


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They lost the plot.

When flagship models pan (the N900 etc) and all the competition is doing better, it is not hard to understand why they are getting a profit drop. Nokia are playing catch up in all they do. They are making profit shipping the low rate candy bar stuff as cheap company phones.

Symbian is rapidly becoming a dead platform, Maemo was changed, taken off the shelves as a future concept in favour of meego, as a result the app store is really atrocious and it is easy to see why people look elsewhere. If no one thinks they have a future plan, no one will develop and the N900 is Nokia hoping the community wil finish off what Nokia started (badly)

Someone needs to talk to their ergonomics people, and their real life usage team, as well as the "What people want in a phone." department. (Guess what phone I own) Flagship my a***

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That so

"as the markets were hoping, which is really what matters."

Perhaps, but it is a bit of a sad statement. Stock market or what market.

And what about this "hoping" stuff. The stock market was hoping and that matters.

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It's not all Nokia's fault

Is it Broadcom?

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I guess that the market for DSLR-replacing camera-phones isn't that great then, after all.

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