back to article Lenovo intros eco-friendly ThinkPads

Lenovo has introduced its latest line in ThinkPad laptops, touting the new machines' affordability, eco-friendliness and "military grade durability". On offer, the 14in L412 and 15in L512. Both series come in versions equipped with Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors. Some models use the graphics cores integrated into the …


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Anonymous Coward

Dell's been doing that for years

seemingly also throwing crisp wrappers and plastic coathangers into their machines' construction

Thumb Down


"Some 30 per cent of the L412 is made from old bottles and so forth"

That'll be 30% by volume or weight I guess - whichever has been chosen to give the largest figure. Certainly not value or embodied energy. In fact it might take considerably more energy to make the recycled case than to use virgin materials.

And how much less power does it consume than a bog-standard laptop?

Don't be taken in. Anyone who buys one of these thinking they're saving the planet is seriously deluded.


title required

all that durability is a nice idea provided the contents of the rugged case last more than a couple of months.

If I remember rightly Lenovo did NOT score well in the recently released figures for laptop reliability...!

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