back to article Intel Classmate PC comes to UK

Intel has launched the latest incarnation of its Classmate PC - announced earlier this year - in the UK ahead of the gadget's arrival next month. Intel Classmate PC Intel's latest Classmate PC: from clamsell... The Atom-based convertible sports a largely standard netbook spec - Atom CPU, 10.1in, 1024 x 600 display and …


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50cm drop test

I bet my kids'd be happy to work with this, especially if it was allowed in the classroom :)

only a 1.6GHz processor so not particularly speedy, basic model only comes with 512Mb ram, the model up from this looks better and has a better battery life and bigger disk ...

But if it survives a 50cm drop test I'd be tempted to get it for some of our employees here after seeing what they do to our less than ruggedised laptops ...


hmmm... hackintosh

my kid would only have this if ir ran OS X - no way am I getting his Dell 10v Hackintosh out his hands for some windows/linux netbook no matter how rugged it is. He's 10yo and knows if he breaks it its dead - so he really looks after it. Maybe a good lesson for kids to learn.

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