back to article Dell EqualLogic engineering boss leaves

Paula Long, the driving force of EqualLogic engineering, has left Dell. She was VP of Storage for the Product Group focused on EqualLogic, and came to Dell with the EqualLogic acquisition. Its development centre stayed at Nashua, New Hampshire, separated from Dell HQ in Round Rock, Austin, Texas. Her LinkedIn entry reads: " …


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Steve Duplessie was right again...

Steve, thank you for your kind words. Steve was pretty accurate about my departure. Although it means I don’t get to write the cool “Tell-All” book there was very little drama in the integration for Engineering or in the transition.

We made an aggressive plan to work me out of job in two years and we succeeded. It was a clean and positive transition. The new leadership team is more than capable of continuing the mission. If I didn’t fully believe that, I wouldn’t have left.

Sorry, I know kind of boring but the truth.

Paula Long

(Still taking a break...)

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