back to article UN split on cybercrime conventions

A United Nations committee on international crime prevention is split on how to deal with cybercrime. Some countries want the existing European convention to be adopted worldwide, while others want a completely new agreement to be created. At the UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Brazil last week nations …


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Paris Hilton

Ah - the UN?

It is a good initiative for sure and as with all these things everyone has to have their say before adopting a common agreement.

From one point of view: time costs money

corollary: no or little motivation for things to move swiftly as a lot of people will welcome the delays and additional income those delays generate.

actuality: there is little initiative to move swiftly?

So, how about:

1 - the UN adopts an existing one (say the EU version) with a view to review every half year

2 - the time dwellers then have their nice reports to complete and everyone is happy

3 - it (the UN that is) embraces a 3-year plan effective soon?



What do they mean by cybercrime?

Do they mean normal crimes carried out across national borders by use of the internet? Or do they mean some new crimes dreamed up to criminalise routine activity?

Either way, they need a UN declaration on what is, or isnt, legal before they can have a UN Cybercrime task force.


Oh dear.

"Delegates identified the main problems as computer-based fraud and forgery, illegal interception of private communications, interference with data and misuse of electronic devices"

That's Phorm's modus operandi trashed.

And by the UN no less.

Now all we need is a Security Council Resolution, a squadron of bombers...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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