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Just a matter of time before most of us call on our mobile phones for in-car satnav. Millions of Europeans may already be there, according to a Comscore study, which estimates that 21 million mobile users in the five biggest Western European countries (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy), use their handsets for navigation. …


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SatNav software

Call me progressive, but I've never owned a SatNav device that hasn't been in / for a mobile phone. Was always on a Windows Mobile, using either built in GPS hardware, or a separate BlueTooth GPS receiver, way back yonder.

Now I've shifted to Sygic Mobile Maps UK on the iPhone - its half the price of TomTom on iPhone and uses the same maps! Navigation has only on occasion thrown me down an odd route, but its no showstopper by any stretch.

Wouldn't touch A-GPS as far as I can throw it, as its pointlessly inaccurate for the last 200 or so metres to your destination, which can be quite a bugger for certain journeys, especially those sites where they're not correctly positioned on Google Maps or something - there are plenty.


Im not sure TomTom has anything to worry about..

For years, I've used TomTom on Windows Mobile devices, the primary reason why I owned a Windows Mobile device (say as opposed to a Nokia). I switched to iphone and lamented over not being able to run TomTom. But then finally, they released it after much (too much) anticipation and wait, and I can tell you, I'll never use Google Maps or anything else ever again. The TomTom for iphone now at v1.3 is finally quite polished, with spoken street names, and really works an absolute treat. And even with the iphone GPS, it is dead accurate, they have done some really good stuff under the hood and I find that at least 95% of the time, it pinpoints me exactly.

And not that I need to, but you can also purchase the additional dock, that has a SiRF chip in it, to augment the GPS in the iphone and make it super super accurate and sensitive. I'm just waiting for the price of the dock to come down a little.

All in all it's a fanstastic GPS solution which was $99 very well spent!

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