back to article Veteran UK fraud fighter 'BobBear' retires

Veteran UK-based fraud fighter Bob Harrison, who runs phish victim support website BobBear, has announced plans to retire at the end of April. BobBear has greatly inconvenienced phishing fraudsters over the last four years by publishing details of fake corporations and scams. He also took on the unfashionable job of providing …


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Law Enforcement

"Harrison is hoping someone will come forward with an offer to continue his work"

Like the people we pay to detect and prevent fraud, the Police?

Or is that asking too much from the millions wasted on the Serious Fraud Office, Serious Organised Crime Agency, Police Central e-crime Unit, National Fraud Reporting Centre?


They have!

The Police sent out a list of CRB checked people to the Reg, so it could be pubished in the Sun and NoTW, red-top readers could then round up all those potential paedos for us! Not our fault the Reg saw through the copper's clever plans!

Dead Vulture

I'd like to see his job advertisement.

"Position: fraud sheriff. Hours: 12--15/day, 7/week, 364/years. Salary: £0".

Sad day... I thought services were supposed to be cut after May 6!?

Thumb Up

Wish Bob a happy retirement. Also thanks!

A thanks to Bob for all the hard work over the years!

But sad day although Bob deserves his retirement. As such I can only wish him a happy retirement. I also sincerely hope somebody steps forward to continue what he has started.

The problem with a law enforcement agency driving something like this, is that issues will be prioritized on a national basis. However the "clients" of Bobbear do not respect international boundaries, they will equally abuse somebody in the USA, Canada or the UK to do their dirty work for them. As such the bulk of the victims will lose out.

As such, a better approach is for the authorities to work with somebody/group who understands these scams and can concentrate on them and assist, rather than any LE trying to take over.



Currently backing up the site in preparation for it going offline. 300MB in and still going...

Anyone want a copy when I'm done? (Anyone able to host it?)

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