back to article G Cloud guy Bellamy says bye-bye to Cabinet Office

The former Connecting for Health director Martin Bellamy is planning to leave his role in charge of the Cabinet Office team developing the G Cloud. The Cabinet Office confirmed the move but declined to give the date of his departure. A spokesperson said that Bellamy is continuing with work on the G Cloud – the plan for an …


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Get out while the goings good

Cloud computing is in theory a great idea, the ultimate commoditization of the processing function. Maybe he has just realised that there are a few drawbacks to cloud computing in the government environment.

Once you start digging into security, the commercial reality, diversity, performance, change control and so on you could begin to think that maybe clouds should stay in search engines.

G-Cloud will mean that a very few large IT companies will have a strangle hold on government processing. We would tend towards a single OS/Processor architecture, on cost grounds. In the end you would probably land up with HP, Microsoft and Intel running all government computing, and no one else would be able to get in because of the start-up and transition costs. That and the fact that a lot of SMEs and some big names would go to the wall, in the UK.

Diversity is expensive, but actually pushes technology and process forwards, but cost management is a kind of entropy that pushes us towards the lowest common denominator.

Mind you G-Cloud to NOMS, now what's the expression...

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