back to article He gave me the hairless eyeball

"Hello everyone, this is my giant disembodied eye project," says Nirav Patel, a software development engineer at Apple, who thinks up interesting stuff in his spare time. With Evil Eye, Nirav takes a webcam, a Microvision Showwx laser pico projector and a frosted glass dome light shade to build a face tracking eyeball that " …


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I for one welcome...

...the iEye.


"who thinks up interesting stuff in his spare time"

As opposed to when he's working at Apple.

Big Brother

Surely it would be easier....

I expect it would be a lot easier/cheaper to paint the eyeball on the globe, put a light inside it and move the whole globe around rather than back project it.

It would also allow a much greater freedom of movement.

(Or if you want to project different eyes, shorten the focus on the projector and fit it completely inside the globe)

Vastly over-engineered and lacking in features/functionality that would be available with a lot less engineering.

I'm sure they'll sell millions to government contracts and fanbois.

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