back to article Big Brother Watch manifesto makes plea for privacy

The latest manifesto into the lists (pdf) comes not from a party standing at election, but from a pressure group. Big Brother Watch has high hopes that the next government might listen to what it has to say on on the intersection of technology and civil liberties. Only occasionally alarmist, Big Brother Watch are generally …


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The link isn't given in the article - as the article mentioned, if the topic interests you it is quite readable. So here it is, as a public service (over 18s only, I have not been vetted)

Big Brother

meanwhile north of the border...

There is a history of unpalatable policies being test-run on the Scots (think poll tax).

The biggest assault on our liberties is being perpetrated in the guise of child protection.

An awful lot of effort has gone into persuading the great and the good that the Scottish system

(Getting it right for every child = Gathering information for every citizen)

is less intrusive than the English ((Every Child Matters = Every Citizen Monitored).

How much more intrusive can it get? This just the start of the information that is to be gathered for every citizen...

...and stored here

Frame 17 really puts us in our place :(

The evidence is growing that the eCare/Girfec model may be destined for further roll-out.

This has been picked up on and expanded here.

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wot, no ANPR cameras?

I still have no clear understanding under what legislation this hardware was in stalled and why their deployment continues to expand.



... and still no evidence that ANPR has stopped or caught a single terrist (tm)

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