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In this week's ERP workshop poll, we are looking at the practicalities of integrating with or providing access to the outside world - suppliers, distributors, resellers, customers and so on. If you have experience of ERP from this perspective, get clicking below with your feedback. READER POLL: 1. Which of the following …


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So what so you think ERP stands for?

Well, there are several hundred things for which that acronym is used. But NOWHERE is there any explanation of which of them this poll is about.

I think that's appalling. So I decided ERP must have started off as the acronym for the People's Revolutionary Army (of Argentina) and and been adopted as project name (after all it's pronounceable) for a business expansion programme because the ERP were the first scheduled customer (and a brand new customer) for a shiny new weapons suite.

That response will be easily detectable (the "other" answers are designed to identify it pretty obviously) and can be eliminated from any summary of results. But what of the responses that take ERP as any one of the dozens of IT department relevant ERPs that you might mean instead of as the one that you do mean? Your audience don't know what they are being surveyed about - but each member of the audience will think she does.

This survey - because of that one stupid omission - is possibly a pointless farce.



ERP is commonly understood to stand for "Enterprise Resource Planning" in the IT community. Think of products like SAP/R3, Oracle Applications or Microsoft Dynamics. Or

These systems automate the daily processes of (manufacturing) enterprises. So you can enter orders, check inventory, plan product runs, generate complex orders, enter sales orders, pay employees, generate a ton of reports on all of that.

This survey is about integrating the ERP system of company A with the ERP systems of company B,C,D,E etc.

ERP is really critical to a large portion of the economy, as it controls/supports the routine operations of a business.

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