back to article Microsoft rolls out Xbox 360 USB update

Microsoft has begun pushing the latest Xbox 360 firmware update, allowing upgraded consoles to use any connected USB Mass Storage devices. Up to 16GB of any connected drive can be assigned for the Xbox to use and allocating the storage to the console won't zap data already on the drive provided there's sufficient free space …


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Is this really new? I mean upto now you couldn't use your own storage? And even now it's still artificially locked to 16GB?

Come on, this is REALLY tight. I suppose Microsoft would rather owners get ripped off into buying overpriced Microsoft HDD than using their own..

Seems that Microsoft are MUCH worse that the "evil" Sony that so many people here seem to think.... The PS3 can use whatever HDD you want, (I have a 1TB in mine), and will read ANY USB storage device, so I can stick another 2TB HDD in the back full of movies without any problem...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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