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There was a time when the terms ‘ERP’ and ‘back office systems’ were almost synonymous, reflecting that the original incarnations of ERP offerings were very much concerned with processes running within the physical walls of the organisation. Over the years, though, functionality has expanded and integration capability evolved …


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Negative comment

How can someone fire off a negative vote for a very sensible article?

Having read some of the previous articles I see that some people are struggling with the term ERP and other such basics. That being the case then I can understand how someone as clueless as this can completely miss the point of the article and put in a random vote

I have been working with Internet based ERP/Manufacturing systems for 13 years and have watched the rise in confidence of Internet based systems during this time and it seems clear to me that the time is right for ERP's to come out of the back office and start to integrate better with the rest of the world. I think this article raises an interesting debate that if people engage with in the right manner then will be useful in helping people better understand the potential future of ERP systems

As a side poit I think the £140M sounds like a vast underestimate to the cost of businesses for their poor data quality.

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