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Elgato has made some darn fine TV tuners in its time, and its Eye TV DVR software remains a key Mac media application, but sometimes you have to question its wisdom. Why release a brand new tuner in the UK without supporting the free-to-air terrestrially broadcast HD TV platform? The EyeTV NetStream DDT, you see, won't pick up …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Not the right comparison

    I've had a Slingbox and currently run two HDHomerun boxes.

    The Slingbox does not give you access to the raw MPEG2 stream. There is (or was when I had one) no way to bypass the Slingbox's re-encoding of video. Frankly the picture quality on a LAN was bloody awful and there is no way I believe any of the Slingbox hype about quality. What it does reasonably well is to re-encode the video for lower bandwidth connections.

    The HDHomerun is a more accurate comparison as it simply takes the input audio/video stream and makes it available over TCP/IP without modifying the stream. I wouldn't imagine it'd be too hard to take that stream and re-encode it in real-time for mobile/whatever on any PC/Mac. Just the same as this Elgato device.

    Our HDHomeruns work superbly mounted up in the loft. Sorted out our signal problems nicely. Four tuners is enough for the whole house and running cat5e network cable is a lot easier (bends etc) than running good quality coax. I only mention this as lots of people end up having to use amps at the "TV point" and the cable between the loft and the "TV point" is likely cheap junk from 30 years ago which is going to be hard to replace in some houses. Do think about summer heat in the loft though.

  2. Giles Jones Gold badge


    This is a product that just happens to work in the UK. I doubt Elgato will bother to do a UK version that supports HD?

    It's rather stupid we've decided to use our own standard. Will make TVs and boxes with HD here more expensive.

  3. Rob Beard

    I like the idea but...'s too expensive for my liking. For that sort of money I could build a MythTV box which would also record the TV. Maybe if it was something like £50 to £75 or had dual DVB-T2 tuners I'd be more interested.


  4. Stephen 2

    Slingbox Warranty

    Also note that Slingbox only provide a 6 months warranty. And phone 'support'/warranty enquires are only provided for the first 90 days. Considering how many known faults the slingbox has (especially related to power) this is quite a cheek.

    I've been looking for something similar to slingbox for quite some time. This may not be it but it's a step in the right direction.

    1. alphaxion

      is that a title you have there?

      is that legal in Europe? I thought it was law that all manufacturers provide a 12 month period.

      I could be wrong tho.

  5. Victor Ludorum

    That's all very well, but

    How is this different from the SiliconDust Homerun HD? Which isn't HD as in hi-def. But is cheaper...


  6. Mike Holden


    I have a MythTV box that can do this and much much more. Like dual Freeview tuners enabling me to record 6 (or more) separate channels simultaneously (so long as they are all on the same 2 muxes). A similar price could get me a Revo. Add a USB Freeview dual tuner and a reasonable hard drive for recordings and I have a similarly sized box that outperforms it in every regard, by some way.

    Yes you are wrong! UK legislation requires that goods must last a "reasonable" time, although what is reasonable is not set in stone. 1 year seems to be a default that manufacturers have settled on, but is certainly not set in any legal requirement.

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