back to article iPad apps flood Apple's App Store

The iPad apps have landed. In preparation for the US release of its "magical and revolutionary" iPad this Saturday, Apple on Thursday began loading up the iTunes App store with scores of apps designed for Cupertino's long-awaited tablet/slate/e-reader/whatever. As of 4:00pm Pacific Daylight Time (23:00GMT), about 2,600 apps …


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  1. Blain Hamon

    Apple's gun-jumping reason #4

    Given that you can buy iPhone apps without even having an iPhone, this lets people buy the apps a few days in advance. Thus, the servers aren't as hammered come Saturday and it'll boost the number of ipad app sales Apple will undoubtedly crow about.

    I, for one, welcome our pre-selling gun-jumping overlords.

  2. Big Knox


    still the most pointless device ever invented tbh

    1. Duncan Hothersall

      You've clearly never come across

      the Lakeland Omelette Maker

    2. Ian Moffatt 1

      But you couldn't resist

      Giving us your valued opinion. You even read a story about this 'pointless device' and made the effort to post.

      So it's not exactly pointless is it? Deep down inside you are just burning up with jealousy/envy/greed/desire/hatred.

      I bet you really want one but are too scared of looking like a fanboi after mouthing off to both of your friends about how pointless it is.

    3. Robert E A Harvey

      still the most pointless title requirement

      Yes, I agree. But now people can buy pointless apps for their pointless box.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Jobs Halo

      simple solution

      then don't buy one

    5. Giles Jones Gold badge


      You're obviously have no imagination.

      I bet you aspire to owning a Ferrari or other fast car? that's pointless given how awful the UK roads are and you can't drive it fast legally anywhere.

      Oh but it looks nice? sure it does, so do Apple products. So why is it wrong to want a "pointless" device that looks good?

  3. Tommy Pock



  4. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    @ But you couldn't resist

    Lot of assumptions and fail in there Moffatt. Most of them I doubt you could prove.

    BH is just as free to read the articles and post his opinions as you are - and I think most would agree that the flamewars that kick off between Apple tards like yourself, and Apple "haterz" like myself and BH are one of the more amusing sides to El Reg.

    Until the comment sections fall under blanket censorship from the moderatiors akin to the press in mid seventies Soviet Russia, then we'll read and post just what we goddam please.


    1. Daniel Bennett
      Thumb Up


      And on that bombshell. I have an iPhone... But I only liked it after using it.

      Maybe i'll try the iPad out. But personally its far too huge and doesn't fit in anything I do.

      Yes it may look good.. but im not gonna put it in my pocket am I?

  5. John 62





    I <3 thee, Rik Myslewski

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Doesn't quite do anything useful

    The iPad fails for me as it's a cross between a laptop that won't let me code or develop stuff, and a phone that's way too big for my pocket.

    However, since it's touchscreen I'd get one for my toddler in an instant... if it supported Flash, as that's what the CBeebies site uses. So, still useless. Oh, well.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    I'll never understand...

    ... the derision and outright hatred some have for Apple.

    It's as if they expect the world to conform to some elitist freetard utopia, where everything is free, everything can be taken apart & meddled with and making money is regarded as something sinister and evil.

    It's a bizarre and rather sad mentality and is surely based upon envy - not envy that they don't have the devise, but envy at success - anyone who succeeds and makes profit and anyone who assists in that goal, by buying into it, is obviously a bad person.

    How sad.

    I'm on the record as stating that I don't understand why we need a device such as the iPad, but I'm always willing to change my mind about something and I won't deride technology unless it's blatantly flawed.

    Clearly, the iPad isn't flawed, but it isn't for everyone - most notably, it's not for the freetard penguin obsessed clueless script-kiddies out there. But, more positively, it probably isn't yet the device for the hardcore geek - but at least that geek will understand it is a positive step forward in computing.

    If you limit yourself to one operating system, one school of thought, one style of music, your going to live a very sad and unfulfilled life - akin to the person who lives in one house their entire life and goes to the same caravan park every summer holiday until they die.

    To sum up, if you deride this device without any inspection, any thought or any educated response, your not a geek, your a Luddite.

  8. WinHatter

    Apple's website saturated.

    probably just a fad. An iPod for people with deep pockets ... literally.

  9. Stuart Halliday
    Thumb Up

    I don't understand the fear

    I have never owned a Apple product. But even I as a experienced IT engineer of over 15 years, can see that Apple is making products which are trying to be easier to use by the masses. Why can't all these critics see that too?

    As a ex-Acorn user I appreciate the reasons why it is better to have a computer made by just one company (mainly quality and reliability control).

    The iPad is a natural evolution of the iPhone. When I first saw the iPhone I thought how nice it was but it needed to be much bigger to web surf or to compose email. So I waited.

    Other tablets have failed mainly because they failed to realise that the user interface of Windows is just too painful to use whilst standing or sitting on a sofa and it needed to be thinner and lighter than a small laptop.

    We saw the first concept tablet devices on Star Trek television series and these designers knew that the fictional tablet devices shown in those programmes needed to be touch type, thin and light.

    So we knew the concept we wanted but until recently with the development of capacitor sensitive screens to allow the human finger to be used and low powered but powerful chips, did we start to see Microsoft develop products like their touch tables which had no Windows interface.

    But you just can't operate Windows with a finger!

    So it took the mobile phone market to push the under lying technology to mature to the stage where we are today.

    I've no doubt that the iPad will be successful as people do want a easy to use tablet. But it will probably do to the PC market what the iPhone did for the phone industry - give manufacturers a kick up the Ass to innovate.

    The iPad will be a huge catalyst for the mobile computer industry and our children in the near future will be wondering why some people thought it was a bad or useless idea.

    It's the future folks.

  10. This post has been deleted by its author

  11. Volker Hett

    I use a satchel

    to put all my stuff in, like towel and salted peanuts.

    Mine's the battered dressing-gown with the Cafe Lou receipt in the the pocket.

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