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Despite the increased screen sensitivity of large-display smartphones such as the iPhone, many of us still prefer to have a good, solid keyboard with real, tactile keys for texting, firing out emails or composing our memoirs. While predictive text systems like SureType or T9 can be fast, they can also be a pain, so there's …


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Anonymous Coward

One missing surely?

Where's the N900?


GPS + Mapping

The E72 and N97 Mini have GPS with free downloadable maps for life and turn by turn navigation. This has to be worth a few % but dosn't even get a mention!


Big hands texting

Ive tried the E61, the Nokia communicator 9300 and looked at all the smart phone keyboadrs and im back again to the 9210I communicator.

The ONLY querty key board with enough spacing between the keys for texting without using a stylus for large farmers hands.

Its also got a good screen which is protected by its clam shell design for old tired eyes.

Plus its got good battery life and a decent speaker phone when on a tractor..

Nothing else meets my needs.

Pity its no longer in production tho one can still get a new one for around £80.00.

Take note Nokia if youve a good design format, dont change it , just improve the innards.

You might just reach a market you dont at the moment.

Its 6 by 2.1/8th in in plan. A better size would be 4,1/2 by 3in to fit the pocket better.

6in long is a bit too long.

a lone voice out in the sticks



Want to buy a 2nd hand E90?

Much better keyboard than the 9300.

Also comes in handy as a personal defense weapon/emergency window opener.


For a review about phones that you can type on...

It does not focus a lot on the typing on the phones. Large hands, small hands, keyboard responsiveness, stupid 'smart keys' triggered by accident (AT&T Tilt / Tytn 2 anyone?)

That sort of stuff.

Thumb Up

Like the direction

Even taking on board the point from RealRoland above, this is an interesting comparison and a worthwhile look at the phones. Will you be doing the same for non-hardware keyboard phones? And, while it's very subjective, what are your opinions on the hardware vs on-screen keyboard debate?

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