back to article Conficker zombies celebrate 'activation' anniversary

Thursday marks the first anniversary of the much hyped Conficker trigger date. Little of note happened on 1 April 2009 and machines infected by Conficker (aka Downadup) remain largely dormant, but an estimated 6.5 million Windows PCs remain infected with the threat. These machines are "wide open to further attacks", net …


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I'm sure they are

"These machines are "wide open to further attacks", net security firm Symantec warns."

I assume your sales desk is open too, for the purchase of security software which help mitigate the threat, or not as the case may be!


Forget about robbin' banks or pimping, I want my own botnet

Actually, I don't want either, but one can see the temptation.


i have info on the hackers. been fighting since 2008 aug

i dont care if i get introuble, but the hacker that was building the worm as i kept finding its flaws came from a service called windstream. he had a copy of windstream also that had a pixel error in the scripts on the main page. i dunno if thats related to the mouse jumps at the begining.

i went through extreme caution to avoid wrongful accusations. ill tell you why i know hes the original hacker.

Listed BELOW.

first thing i noticed in monitoring is that was used more than all the other ips combined. he was as a remote connection using port 80 going to sites i never went to.

2nd, windstream was one of the original strings in memory that was monitored and kicked him off at that time each time it was typed. you can see the asterixs disapear.

3rd was when i finally got a successful text out to a community site and mentioned windstream started a panic in the hacker who atttempted to shut down the worm shortly after april first. it came back 3 days later.

also the hashcodes when avail showed that the hacker was best buddies with windstream personel. this may be cause he was using root certs he made that was injected into netscape on the first master boot record that allowed him to email anyone as a support agent of microsoft.

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