back to article Grundig pushes BBC iPlayer to Freesat boxes

Bush, Grundig and Goodmans Freesat set-top boxes and DVRs will today gain access to BBC iPlayer, courtesy of an over-the-air update the combo is now pushing out. But the brands' owner, Harvard, admitted that some "early boxes not capable of receiving the upgrade". However, it pledged to charge owners just £15 to have their …


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Sale of Goods Act

That piece on the Bush boxes seems to give Harvard a bit of an easy ride. For example: "However, it pledged to charge owners just £15 to have their set-tops replaced with new, BBC iPlayer-capable kit."

JUST £15! The boxes clearly had a fault when purchased and so, under the Sale Of Goods Act, should be replaced or repaired foc for up to SIX YEARS after purchase.


Wait and see how well it works on later kit...

I do have an "iPlayer-capable" box and so far the result is pretty terrible - stuttering, jumping back several seconds (sometimes in a loop) even on the low definition streams - although my network connection is over 8Mbit/sec and the web-based iPlayer works fine. It may turn out to be a latency issue and it is of course still in Beta but if upgraders get the same result I'm presently getting they may regret spending their £15.

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