back to article Goodmans-Grundig intros identical Freeview HD set-tops

Grundig and Goodmans. Goodmans and Grundig. Whichever way round you prefer the names, they have both introduced the same Freeview HD receivers. No great surprise, that - they're the same company. The Goodmans-branded box is the GDB300HD; the Grundig one is the GUD300HD. Both pick up Freeview and Freeview HD programming and …


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early adoptor tax

a grundig/Goodmans freeview box is around £30.

this is 5 times more!??!?!?!?



It's the technology...

A standard def box for Freeview uses MPEG2 chips which have been around for years, and for which the development costs have probably been recouped many times over by now.

An HD box uses two new technologies - MPEG4 decoders, which have been around for a little while, but nowhere near as long as MPEG2, and DVB-T2 which is brand new, and only just available. It also mandates other things that aren't on SD boxes, like ethernet and HDMI, and some of these extra things require licence fees.

It's a bit like building a PC - if you insist on using the latest generation of Intel CPUs, it's going to cost you a lot more to put together a system, with all the support chips and so on, than if you create one around a processor that's getting a bit long in the tooth.

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