back to article Official: Sony Ericsson X10 has no multi-touch hardware

A Sony Ericsson staffer has admitted that the company's eagerly awaited Android-based touchscreen smartphone, the Xperia X10, lacks hardware support for multi-touch operation, dashing hopes that the feature's absence might be remedied by a firmware update. The X10 is due to go on sale next month through Vodafone, Virgin Media …


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  1. Petey


    Time to cancel my order then. Argh!

  2. VespertineStar

    Not a deal breaker

    Multi touch is very over-hyped as a phone feature. About the only genuine use for it is making text entry easier but since your not likely to be writing your dissertation on a multimedia handset I really don't see the problem; heck it's not even as if it's big enough to touch type on.

    Also, SE already has a zoom process for images which IMHO far surpasses pinch zooming for easy one handed operation. Press and hold, slide up and down and double tap zooming are far more practical in real world situations.

  3. Jerome 0

    Damn shame

    I have to feel sorry for Sony Ericsson. This handset looked like a really brave attempt to produce an innovative, sexy smart phone. It seems they just can't get anything right lately. At least now I don't need to worry that this might be a better phone than the HTC Desire that I rashly purchased at the weekend. :)

    Incidentally, contrary to what the article states, Skogberg's assertion that they were working on "other solutions" for zooming in no way indicates they're considering adding multi-touch. He could be talking about a zoom slider, or even a couple of buttons marked "+" and "-" for all we know.

  4. Jean-Paul

    But has it...

    flash and multi-tasking....That should keep the anti-Apple posse happy, and they can keep saying how multi-touch is not necessary...What's next, they are going to get their stylus out :-)

  5. bixbarton

    They used an old screen!

    Did some searching online, apparently SE used the ClearPad 1000 which doesn't do MultiTouch. Nexus One, Desire, etc use ClearPad 2000 which does MT.

    What on Earth were SE thinking? Releasing a phone months late, with an old OS, and using old screen-tech? Utter madness. I was really looking forward to this phone.

    I thought the lack of multitouch just meant no pinch-to-zoom, but it also affects input speed in the on-screen keyboard. Hence lags when messaging.

  6. bixbarton

    Register Review Please!

    Needs a RegHardware review and comparison against iPhone and Desire asap!

  7. Unimotorcyclist
    Gates Halo

    It would be possible

    It would be possible to have multitouch, I don't beleive it's a h/w issue. It's really a matter of whether SE wants to put it on it or not via future updates.

  8. Stone Fox

    DAMN IT!

    I've been desperately nursing the smashed, partially functional phone I've got at the moment for ages waiting for this phone to come out.

    Android 1.6, Clearpad 1000, no multitouch.

    F**kwits! If I'd known they were going to cock this up I'd have looked at other phones, but my main two requirements were Android and a good camera (i.e SE's cybershot cameras) so I was holding out for this.

    Oh, request for review seconded!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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