back to article Vodafone: get your Sony Ericsson X10 from us on 2 April

There's a huge buzz about the Xperia X10 - the upcoming Android smartphone from Sony Ericsson - and if you're keen to get your hands on one, Vodafone will set you a handset on 2 April, it said today. The operator said the X10 will be available for free on monthly contracts from £35 - with a two-year tie-in - providing 900 …


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X10 or Desire?

The X10 looks like a gorgeous device. The 8MP camera sounds impressive, that huge screen is lovely, and the SE interface looks beautiful in screenshots. In addition, it's probably the sexiest looking smartphone I've seen.

Your video highlights one potential problem though - the interface doesn't look smooth at all, and the touch screen appears rather unresponsive. Goodness knows how they've managed to tax even a 1Gz Snapdragon to the point of sluggishness.

In addition, it's rather disappointing that this device runs an outdated (1.6) version of Android, with only a nebulous promise of a future update. I'm also slightly concerned every single person I know with a recent SE phone has had it break on them.

Anyway, I'm biased as I've already ordered my HTC Desire, and I feel fairly safe I've made the right choice. If I'm proved wrong in the next few weeks I'll happily eat my words, stick my recent purchase on Ebay and jump ship to an X10 - but I can't see that happening somehow.

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