back to article Beijing erects giant pong-away sprays at rubbish dumps

Beijing is putting up 100 giant deodorant sprays which can jet perfume over rubbish dumps in order to reduce their acrid smell. Continued economic growth in China means increasing pressure on landfill sites. Pressure also comes from China's growing middle class which increasingly complains about government decisions, just like …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    damnit, Leroy..

    The headline caught my eye, and made me expect some mechanism whereby rubbish bounced off dumps at an acute angle, enforcing recycling..

  2. Neil Hoskins

    Not really sure why this is newsworthy...

    A similar system was used in my home town when they decided that, rather than run the sewage works correctly so that it didn't make a stink, they'd prefer to spray cheap deodorant into the air, making my whole neighbourhood smell like a public toilet.

  3. Thomas 18

    Thats the down side to living in a crappy area

    (oh come on it had to be done)

  4. Martin Usher

    Slough, anyone?

    This used to be one of Slough's notable features -- you'd haul passing the town because nestled between the M4 and the playing fields of Eton was one seriously overloaded sewerage works complete with deodorant sprays. The result was pretty nasty...nothing for it but to wind the windows up and put your foot down.

  5. TeeCee Gold badge

    Re: Slough, anyone?

    I suppose that when they put an evil smelling sewage works in Slough they used the "Urban Regeneration" budget to pay for it?

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Why don't they just send it to walmart, we will pay for it before it gets thrown out.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Can we reverse this and...

    ... point it a parliament?

  8. Big-nosed Pengie

    "more rubbish every day"

    I fixed that for you.

  9. Puck

    Erm, recycling, anyone?

    You'd think if the Chinese government can make its citizens limit their reproduction to one child, it'd be possible to make people recycle.

    Given their abilities to actually make use of raw materials, you'd think they'd jump at the chance. This story makes me wonder if recycling is just a myth?

    Perhaps the landfill is just the shite that we send there, ostensibly for recycling, but in reality just buried, coming (as we know it often does) with a fee for the recipient, paid by the British local authority, as a means of avoiding the EU per-tonne fine on landfill.

  10. Teoh Han Hui

    Re: Erm, recycling, anyone?

    What about organic waste? It seems like you need incinerators for much of those.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    reproduction limits?

    Perhaps most of the rubbish is used condoms?

  12. Iain 15


    I can only hope they are CFC-free

  13. Stinky

    Thats a really big deodorant can

    That's the second largest deodorant applicator I've ever seen

  14. Goat Jam

    OK then

    I'll ask.

    So, tell me, what is the biggest one you've seen?

  15. Tom Samplonius
    Black Helicopters

    Chine recycling

    The Chinese are big into recycling. The difference between the rich and poor classes, is so massive that their are several levels of poor. So their are people hoovering up every bit of plastic, glass and metal, thrown away by the middle class. In fact, you can get arrested for removing plastic bottles from trash cans on trains. Taking trash is theft in China. At least the bottles, anyways.

    But even then, there are about 15 million people Beijing. Once all of the metal, plastic and glass are picked up, what's left is going to be nasty.

  16. David Pollard

    Be afraid, be very afraid

    They appear to be testing a new delivery method for WMD. Lewis should be dispatched to inform Jack Straw immediately.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Truth is?

    Beijing has been like that for many a year but people are probably learning the art of not complaining and getting on with it.

  18. CrashMurdock

    Hmmm...hope this works better than...

    ...when my family lived in France during the mid 1950s. It was fairly common in those days for many French to just not bathe daily (maybe weekly?). To combat the reeking body odor they would just splash on strong perfume. The combination of sweet perfume and pungent B.O. was nauseating. I'm guessing China's similar strategy of trying to just cover up the horrendous stench with perfume will result in a much stronger olfactory abusing outcome, especially when you consider the exponential scale of the madness.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Clean queen Bess

    There's a rumour that Queen Elizabeth I was so fussy about hygiene that she bathed every Easter, whether she needed it or not!

  20. Adrian Esdaile

    Why do people always attack China?

    Westerners always laugh and point and say "ooooooh, look what the naughty funny little Chinese people are doing now, aren't they bad?"

    The local dump, er, Ryde Recycling Management Station has had this for years now, and the Great Armpit, er, Sydney ran out of landfill several years back and has to ship it all 250km SW and is rapidly filling up valleys of prime farmland with, er, shit. All of course done by "Recycling Management Executive Contractors" or GARBOs as we used to call them.

    Most people here are fooled by the word "recycling" when in reality it stands for "recycling as landfill to build cheap housing on in 25 years. Sorry about the subsidence! Bye now!"

    Hopefully China might come up with some better ideas the the morons who run the "Great Western Democracies".

  21. elderlybloke

    Rename it

    like the City Council in NZ I used to work for many moons ago.

    When the rubbish dump got filled up ,we put a layer of dirt over it and called the -Duke of Edinborough Park.

    I had to install a stormwater pipe across it, and the exavation for that caused the most awful stink I have ever smelled .

    Worked on Sewer systems for 10 years and the sewers were like a breath of fresh air compared with that job.

  22. elderlybloke

    I stopped the Pong years ago

    when reconstructing a street in a city in NZ, about 45 years ago, the pong from the ground had people gasping etc.

    I went along the job with a napsack sprayer spraying a magic product that solved the pong problem

    It didn't actually remove the pong it just affected the olfactory system so that people could no longer detect it.

    Worked very well. It must have been potent as its effects lasted a long time.

    It was a product called Alamask , that had different chemicals for almost every bad smell in creation.

  23. Wize

    Theres nothing worse than the smell of shit mixed with lavender

    You know you are still smelling the shit, but can now taste the thick aerosol spray in the air on top of it.

    You can tell it was a particularly bad one when the air is incredibly thick with air freshener but the smell still has that nasty undertone.

  24. ravenviz Silver badge

    We've put up some air fresheners

    "Great, now it smells like someone took a shite in a pine tree"

    - Fat Bastard (Austin Powers, the Spy who Shagged Me)

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