back to article Revealed: the unstoppable rise of the LCD TV

LCD technology dominates the TV market, and its grip will only tighten during the next three or four years, market watcher DisplaySearch has said. That the technology is squeezing out old-style CRT screens won't surprise anyone, but it may come as a disappointment for plasma fans and those of you keen on emerging technology …


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Even CRT sales will be higher?

There is obviously a market for CRT TVs that I'm not familiar with - it must be years since I last saw one on sale.

Is this a geographical thing? Do TPLACs still buy them by the container load? Or is there some sort of niche group or industry that consider that they better meet a specific need in the same way that some of my more dangerously obsessive friends still insist on listening to vinyl?


How many CRTs sold??!

As I'm sure I've commented before, who on earth is buying all these CRTs, and more importantly, where are they even offered for sale?

They're almost impossible to find on sale now and have been for a good year or two. Even the absolute bottom end of the market (kids' bedroom TVs with integrated DVD players etc.) are now all LCD.

I call shenanigans on these figures.

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Don't ask me why but they definitely still use them for analogue CCTV signals (alongside IP solutions) and I imagine there are other professional uses. Presuming this isn't just consumer units.

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Up to the minute research

"Market watcher" DisplaySearch is bang on with its research.

I was down the market not long ago and it's true, that's the place to spot emerging trends -- if you know what you're doing.

For example, I encountered a bloke selling Sony Betamax units. According to him, they're set to be huge success in 2012.

As a confirmed early adopter, I've bought one.

I think it will be especially useful with all the new TV channels coming our way -- BBC2 imminently, and there's a report (which DisplaySearch will doubtless know more about than I do) that the Independent Television Authority is considering the creation of something called "Channel 4".

As to DisplaySearch's comments about LCD, I'm no expert like they are.

But I can tell you: that LC Tanner in the new serial called "Coronation Street" from Granada TV, Manchester, Lancashire, is quite something.

I'm off to more markets (and a couple of car boot sales) next week so if I acquire further commercial intelligence of the calilbre relayed by DisplaySearch, I'll post here so Reg readers get it first.

Paris, because when back-lit she's still one of the best displays around.

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