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For the past several years, server and PC maker Dell has built a sizeable and mostly hidden business selling custom-made servers to elite data center customers facing power, cooling, and compute capacity issues that its regular SMB and enterprise customers don't have to cope with. But as hyperscale computing - database …


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As you said the most interesting is the 2U/quad server system, the others aren't anything special (let's see dual socket 4 HD, and single AC PSU, where's the innovation there?) but there is little innovation here since Supermicro has had a similar system for quite some time now

I suppose it may work for shops that can only buy from the "big name" companies. Myself I think SGI Cloudrack is a far more innovative and scalable system. I'm sure DCS can come up with some creative things as well but if you can't buy them(1,000+ minimum order) then what difference does it make.

I think anyone who buys a new 5600 system is a fool as well, given most manufacturers will have two socket 8-core systems coming soon, and dual socket 8 and 12 core Opterons. Unless performance really doesn't matter to you(in which case pick whatever is cheapest), get more cores on the die.



"Mainstreams" is not a word. Randomly verbing things weirds language.

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