back to article Man could face prison over six second 'extreme porn' clip

A man has been warned he faces a custodial sentence after pleading guilty to possession of what prosecutors described as "extreme porn" at Mold Crown Court last week. Campaigners against the extreme porn law are now waiting with some concern to see what the court decides when the accused, Andrew Robert Holland, of Coedpoeth, …


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  1. Kevin Gurney

    How exactly was he caught ??

    Did he take the PC to be repaired ?

  2. Danny 17


    This country is going to pot... If like the article says the 2 people agree to do the porn film which the clip came from why the hell should it be wrong to watch?

    IMO the people in charge need to get a life... Good luck to the guy and I hope he gets off. (Excuse the pun)

  3. John Tserkezis

    You know how it works...

    Video or it didn't happen.

    Yes, yes, I know, I'll see myself out.

  4. M Gale


    So does that mean we're all in danger of imprisonment come election time, what with it being a bunch of dicks and arseholes trying to fuck each other?

    These laws and the politicians that dreamed them up need removing. Now.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What exactly is extreme porn?

    And what could you see in those 6 seconds that justified sending someone in jail for it?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It was always going to happen, but fuck do I feel safer now!

    No photography, no hardcores, no bad public behaviour, no drawings, no more then one phone or laptop, no reporting from terminal 5, a big button for kiddy safety, no writing in public and, beware the mp3 player. I'm sure there are more things to think about but I think that's a good start, I wonder how much safer we can become?

    Thanks CEOP, Police and, Government, for protecting innocent people from harm and persecution, you're doing a great job and the country is obviously better for it.

    1. M Gale
      Paris Hilton


      I believe the phrase is "money shot", though I don't know if it justifies a jail sentence.

      Paris. Well, do I need to explain?

    2. Sebastian Brosig

      @AC - What exactly is extreme porn?

      well we could answer your question but then we'd have to arrest you because it's illegal to even know that.

      Excuse me I'm taking my en-of-shift brainwash now so i can go home safely from my job at the Ministery of Safety.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @What exactly is extreme porn?

      It is where the gentleman removes his socks or his lady partner is seen to enjoy herself. I apologise for the frank and ugly truth of the necessary evil.

      Victorian Father

      1. Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

        liberal pinko "victorian father"

        Sir, I draw the line at a table-leg visible underneath a too-short tablecloth.

    4. neb

      are you quoting from team america???

      Gary Johnston: We're dicks! We're reckless, arrogant, stupid dicks. And the Film Actors Guild are pussies. And Kim Jong Il is an asshole. Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn't appropriate - and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves... because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don't know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let us fuck this asshole, we're going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit!

      1. Chris Thomas Alpha
        Thumb Up


        well done sir!

      2. M Gale

        Durka durka, bakalakalak

        Well, I'll confess it passed through my mind while typing.

    5. The Fuzzy Wotnot
      Thumb Up

      You forgot one!

      Don't forget no writing song names down in public, especially in front of Rent-A-Cop train security guards!

    6. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You certainly can thank CEOP

      This is just one more grubby, ill-thought-out law they have their mucky fingerprints all over. And this WAS the intended outcome. Nobody can stop them; they are impervious to criticism and beyond all rebuke. Who would dare?

  7. Craig 12

    Uh oh

    A conviction on 6 seconds is ridiculous. Well, in addition to the fact that convictions based on material you didn't make are also a tad ridiculous.

    Obligatory: oh, but all the violent media we consume is fine and won't do us any harm. Yes, It's the 6 seconds of 2girls1cup that'll send you over the edge.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    put him to death

    "The second and more serious charge alleged that Holland had downloaded and viewed a six-second clip of human-on-human extreme porn."

    Well if the argument is that his mind is now dirty, why don't we just put him to death? What's seen cannot be unseen. Or will putting him in jail somehow cause him to forget the images that put him there? No, didn't think so.

    To take a rational approach... maybe we should do nothing and not attempt to convict people of what are essentially thought crimes through a process that implicitly makes the despicable, slanderous and completely *unproved* accusation that possessing images of violent pornography somehow proves or otherwise creates a high propensity to commit a sex crime.

    The ruling class like to think of themselves as a different species to us mere mortals and I'm starting to think it's true. They are an inbred, backwards, feckless group of morons so dense that brain surgeons in the hospitals they visit use sledge hammers rather than scalpels.

    1. Jimmy 1

      Ruling clarse?

      Would this ruling-class mob include the latest batch of political whores caught on camera indecently exposing themselves at a going rate of £3000/day for a massage job?

  9. Jim Coleman


    ...if the people who made the clip did so with consent, then who exactly has had a crime committed against them here? Who is the victim? Is prosecuting this chap in the public interest? If so, why?

  10. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects 1
    Paris Hilton

    Henry the Axe Murderer

    Let's just revisit the scene of the crime. A raving lunatic works a sedentary job signing laws into being such as the buggery law of

    Then he pays a visit to one of his mistresses and gives her a dose then he goes home to tell his wife they are through and she should pack her bags, she's on her way to the Tower of London.

    And the kicker is that after disposing of more wives than Harold Shipman, he gets to be the new defender of the faith and passes laws that have no definitions. Like said buggery law.

    And centuries later people can go to prison for watchin digial reproductions of not them doing it?

    Of course without a definition of extreme sex acts it is difficult to say for sure if this person has done or not done, not done that .

  11. Kurgan

    We need a real disaster

    We need a real disaster, a war, a famine, or whatever else is really important to make the governments (in a lot of countries) and the anal-retentive bigots stop thinking about how to find a new way to protect people from themselves, and start thinking about how to protect people from REAL menaces.

    Sad, but true.

  12. Elmer Phud Silver badge

    Six Seconds?

    Only six seconds?

    Now there IS someone who could do with following up one of those Viagra spams.

  13. Stu 3

    The point.

    This is the point of all these new laws from New Labour - criminalise almost everything so that if the state wants you put away they will be able to find _something_.

    So the Tony Tiger prosecution didn't work out and the Police/CPS have to justify the ridiculous amount of money spent so they dug through his inbox until they found something to nail him with (and their arrest-conviction stats are safe).

    Phew, we can all sleep soundly in our beds tonight knowing this evil scum is off the street.

  14. Chris Hatfield

    What was in the 6 second clip?

    What did the video show?

    1. Mike Richards Silver badge

      If only it were so

      We've had a couple of wars, an ongoing risk from terrorism, an energy crisis and financial collapse and a hundred other more important things - and this lot *still* found time to pass this sort of legislation as well as banning squirrel trafficking and DIY nuclear explosions.

    2. Stoneshop Silver badge

      No, they will appoint a new committee

      to deal with the disaster. Can't let the hunt for filth slip because of this tsunami that took out the home counties, no? And best to keep the people who were on the filth hunt doing that; they have the experience.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The baaahstard

    Welshman in "animal love shocker"

    Would ewe believe it....

  16. Richard 81


    It's important to report this kind of thing, rather than let the Man (bastards) sweep it under the rug. But, bugger me, does it ever get me depressed.

  17. Ian 45


    The Puritans are well and truly in charge of the UK. We managed to export them last time to the US but some how they sneaked back in via Scotland.

    So much for prison being full if they can send you there for 6 seconds of a download.


    1. Chrome

      "Bugger me"

      Without filming it, I presume?

  18. Anonymous Coward


    This is the product of the do-gooding pro-nanny state types (Hariet Harmen's etc) of this world combined with North Wales Police's total inability to focus on preventing real criminal activity that actually pose a threat to the rest of us.

  19. Anonymous Coward


    What is deeply worrying here is that he said the clip was emailed to him as a joke and he just forgot to delete it. And it is just ONE six second clip! It's not like he had a massive stash of the stuff, surely that supports his claim that it was simply emailed to him? If he was really into extreme porn he'd have mountains of it hidden away on his hard drive.

    So does this mean that all you need to do to get someone arrested is email them an extreme porn clip from an anonymous email address and then call the police? Even if they have deleted it I'm sure their email client will still have it tucked away in a cache file somewhere.

    I remember when I was at uni it was an almost daily competition to see who could shock their mates most with something they found on the Internet. Not for any sexual excitement, purely to see the look on your their faces. Many a time I'd switch on my computer to find the backdrop changed to something unspeakable!

    Anon for obvious reasons ;)

  20. Matthew 3

    So if I get this right...

    ...then you can email this clip to someone and they get locked up for possession of it.

    Does anyone have Gordon Brown's email address?

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Better make sure

    you clear out your inbox, when something unforeseen is stuck in it, nudge nudge

    1. Rob

      What about...

      ... the person who emailed it? Surely they are being investigated and/or charged as well?

    2. Anonymous Bastard

      I remember when I was at uni...

      ...and I lost at that game. Never again will I look at creme eggs the same way.

    3. Chris Thomas Alpha

      anonymous? why?

      I once remember being emailed a clip about a women sucking off a cow and having it put creamy milk in her mouth, I was shocked....then laughing my head off, and forwarding it to everyone on the campus i knew.

      anonymous? you big girl, have some balls.....thats the only way you'll win, civil disobedience

      1. philbo

        Sucking off a cow???

        ...sounds like bull to me

      2. Marty
        Black Helicopters

        the rules

        "women sucking off a cow and having it put creamy milk in her mouth"

        you know the rules: No video, it didn't happen.....

    4. Anonymous Coward

      @So if I get this right..

      How about that Harriet lass? think her email address needs to get spammed with some extreme porn!

      1. Anonymous Coward


        If by "spammed" you mean beaten round the head with a 12 inch rubber cock ala LSTSB and "extreme porn" to mean till she exhales no more, then yep.

        Couldn't agree more.

        Not anonymous because i truly dont give a fuck. They will have to remove my extreme porn collection from my non fingerprinted hands.

        Twunts. Bye new liebore. Thanks for coming, its not been a reet fucking larf at all...

        PS, Dear Mr Falkes, please try again!!!!!

    5. Dan 10

      Define possession

      Re cache files etc - how do you define possession of the offending material? If he delete's it, but doesn't permanently delete it, then a savvy defendant could argue that he had deleted it, DESPITE the fact that in reality, this fictional defendant happened to be into that kind of thing, and knew he could just delve into his 'deleted items' in Outlook in order to view it again.

    6. Rattus Rattus

      re: find the backdrop changed

      I fondly remember a coworker coming in one morning and knowing when he'd logged in by the yell "Oh my God, that's fucking disgusting!"

      Good times.

    7. Dale Richards
      Thumb Up


      Don't forget to keep your Junk clean!

  22. Dodgy Geezer Silver badge

    If that's what you get for watching 6 seconds of sex...

    what are they going to give us for watching this government fuck this entire country up the a*** for 13 years?

    As far as I can see, this government has fucked us up illegally, and non-consensually , and is keeping doing it even though we are yelling 'STOP!'.

    If we are watching that, current laws should have us all put away for life....

    Oh, and why isn't there a dildo icon when you need one...

  23. Spongibrain
    Big Brother

    Its 'The Ring' all over again

    with an Orwell angle

    Hapless victim receives video attachment in Inbox.

    Hapless victim clicks on video

    7 days later, hapless victim is found locked up in a police cell

  24. Anonymous Coward

    it's even worse that that ...

    the 6-second clip could have come from a BBFC rated film. For those of you that forgot, the fact a complete film may have gained BBFC approval is no defence to a clip taken out of context ...

    1. Chris Thomas Alpha
      Thumb Up


      you'll probably get three months in jail for using it on a public forum.

  25. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    Bizarre, staggeringly bizarre

    "At the Crown Court in Mold, last week, before Mr Justice Medland, Holland pleaded guilty to a charge of possession, in the expectation that this would count as mitigation and lead to a lighter sentence"

    If you plead guilty to it you have to expect the sentence which being guilty of it brings. It may make the sentence lighter but that doesn't mean it won't be heavy.

    Are we seeing a spate of people appearing in court and pleading guilty a result of having no legal representation or advice, or do have they had legal representation or advice which is worse than useless ?

  26. Ally J

    Stu 3 has got it right....

    Plod having spent so much money on arresting this bloke and then searching through his computer, they need to show a scalp for it.

    Something very similar happened back in the day with Operation Spanner, where Plod was told they'd find a 'snuff' movie, and instead found some middle-aged gay men doing bad things to each other. The fact that all of the participants had consented counted for nothing in the courts.

    Of course, the world is now a safer place.


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