back to article US kiddies treated to Playboy TV

Kids in parts of North Carolina were yesterday treated to previews of Playboy TV featuring "nude women having explicit sexual conversations", as local news outfit WRAL puts it. The Kids On Demand channel showing Playboy channel preview The outrage affected Time Warner Cable's Kids On Demand and Kids On Demand Preschool …


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  1. Andy ORourke

    Wow, I must be getting old

    That's nothing like Rosie & Jim used to look when I were a lad :-)

  2. Toby Rose

    TV Schedule

    Next on C-Boobies we've got Fingermouse!!

    1. hplasm Silver badge

      Which one is Jim,

      And which one is Rosie?

    2. Jerome 2

      Blast you to hell!

      You beat me to the See Boobies gag. It's hard to believe that there are two such towering comic geniuses frequenting the same IT news website.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Yes indeed

        a vertiable pair of shining wits.

        Of course I may have a got couple of letters in wrong order there.

  3. rollseyes
    Thumb Up

    That... can only be good for them in North Carolina....

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  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Quick! Put some gratuitous violence on the tube!

  5. hplasm Silver badge

    Kids in the US-

    Don't they feed from those boobie things?

    Do they have to wear blindfolds if they do?

    Or are the nipples hard plastic and poke their little offended eyes out, as The Book suggests...

    Or is it just that their Children's TV is better than ours (for blokes that end up having to watch it, of course).

  6. Robert Grant

    The solution isn't more safeguards

    It's to employ clever, sensible, motivated people, and to keep them that way. No amount of performance management and process will replace that.

    1. Jerome 2
      Thumb Up


      Someone need to put you in charge of UK education policy, amongst other things.

  7. smudge Silver badge

    "... could only see black on their monitors"

    I'm sure someone can tell me why a bog-standard TV receiving the same broadcasts as Joe Public isn't part of the technicians' set-up?

    1. Cliff

      Common practice

      It is usual to have your station output as it appears to the big wide world being relayed back into the gallery/network control/etc - however with a proliferation of small stations effectively just working as computer playlists for small audiences, you just don't get that assurance any more.

      1. Charles 9 Silver badge

        You can't do that On Demand...

        ...since On Demand feeds are never "live on the air". If the kid feeds were rerouted to the adult channels and the tech desks were blacked out, I wonder if this was a piece of intentional sabotage, perhaps by an insider, against parental controls

        1. smudge Silver badge
          Paris Hilton

          I hadn't noticed...

          ... that these were "on demand" channels. Thanks for pointing that out.

          Making appointment with optician now.

          Paris is available exclusively on demand only.

    2. Chris Seiter
      Thumb Up

      no update to equipment

      the tech probably had an analog set.

    3. The Flying Dutchman

      ...bog-standard TV receiving the same broadcasts as Joe Public...

      At least in the TV station control rooms I've been in, such a setup was consistently used. But it's been awhile since I worked in TV broadcast circles, I'll admit...

      O tempora, o mores...

  8. Jerren


    We never get service like that from Comcast... I think it's time to switch!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    technicians were having "a hard time"

    Yeah, I'm sure they were.

  10. Craig 28


    It does have to be better for them than Spongebob.

    The black screens makes me wonder if there was a very serious fault, or if it was sabotage. Sounds like something the PFY would do for sh*ts and giggles.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Classic!.... Making Kids on Demand...

    and best of all it was available first thing in the morning

    so is that like ordering out for a Pizza da action ;)

    Hot n Spicey, Yaaa Mamma

  12. Minophis

    Am I the only one...

    who read the text under the picture as "Press SELECT to show all fistings"?

    I'll get my coat.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    how is it

    that when a channel on virgin goes down we only get reruns of antiques roadshow?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    I can see Rosie

    and she has changed from what I remember, but where's Jim and what's he doing?

  15. Oninoshiko

    and to think,

    everyone here keeps saying 'merkins are prudes!

    1. MacRat

      Boobies are Scarey

      Here is the US, letting kids watch violence is ok. But boobies brings the outrage.

  16. John Riddoch


    How much are they going to get fined for this? Given the size of the "wardrobe malfunction" I can't imagine they'll get off lightly...

  17. Andy Bright


    It did take me a while to work this out, but after about 10 years of living in this extremely weird, religiously contradictory country, I came to this conclusion.

    If you see naked people on TV that aren't gay prostitutes having sex with your Baptist (or Presbyterian) minister, you're going to hell, regardless of age or intent.

    On the plus side, according to the new Bible as approved by the Fox News Network, you can now officially buy your way back into Heaven, because Jesus has changed his mind and now prefers people who are stinking rich and have no desire to help those who are worse off than themselves.

  18. Gordon Grant


    When do we get the playmobile re-enactment!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Forget the playmobil reenactment

      Can we has re-enactment using actual Rosie and Jim ragdolls?

  19. Anonymous Coward


    If that's in the place of Rosie and Jim, wonder what's in the place of Humf...

    Makes me want that channel even more...

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