back to article Twitterati swarm on malaria campaign

The UN Special Envoy for Malaria has released the names of his Social Media Group who have promised to do their bit to keep malaria prevention programmes in the public eye. Joining the group shouldn't be too much of a burden - members are asked to send one malaria-relevant tweet, or Facebook entry, every month for a year. …


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Gin And Tonic...


Since i started drinking it i have had no problems with malaria.

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Bring back the jam festival

because it seems almost reasonable in the light of this guff.

Saving the world tweet by tweet. Great. Do we get world peace and an end to hunger by tweeting about it?

Fortunately some people are starting to wake up and notice that just because people chat about something on the interweb, this doesn't mean they're likely to do anything about it:

Bill Gates' foundation is, however, doing real work in the field.


It's a slow day......

Absolutely spot on.

Only a complete buffoon would attempt to deny the benefits of the approach of Mr and Mrs Gates Philanthropic work.

But as this is El Reg (and I'm bored) let's see how many we can get to crawl out of the woodwork.;

What has Steve Jobs ever done for the afflicted masses, besides selling them the occasional iPod, iPhone and iPad (sounds like something shoved down a pair of speedos in a desperate attempt to impress the ladies)?

Blue touch paper lit.



Seeing as

The Gates Foundation is single handedly erradicating malaria with nets and modern medecine can do the rest, why are we raising the profile on this? By all accounts it will go away all by itself


Virtual Reality

I'm not entirely sure what reality this campaign is based in, certainly not the same one as the vast majority of the world's population live in. The (mostly) self-regarding folk who twit and the sheep who follow them won't really advance the cause much. If all those "celebrities" gave money on a proportional scale to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and co, the disease would probably be on its way out already.



The nets are soaked in insecticide - usually permethrin. DEET is just a repellent and doesn't kill the mosquitos.

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