back to article SGI punts baby Xeon blade box

While a lot of server makers are merely talking up how their existing machines support the new six-core "Westmere-EP" Xeon 5600 processors from Intel, which launched today and which offer some advantages over prior generations of x64 chips, Silicon Graphics is actually putting a new Xeon 5600 machine into the field. That new …


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And to think

I thought "Going back to its Origins" would have been interesting non-x86 kit, rather then "me-too" servers.

Mines the one with the faded cube on the back.


OEM of Intel Modular Server

This is just Intel's OEM blade design (Intel Modular Server) with an SGI logo.

SMB does not seem to be one of SGI's target markets, but there could be a play in small scale HPC.

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