back to article Nokia cuts own market share forecast to 34%

Forecasts and market share estimates in the handset industry are increasingly skewed by the rising importance of counterfeit and grey market devices. Such products find their main markets in emerging economies, which are accounting for an increasing proportion of total shipments. Now Nokia has broken the conspiracy of silence …


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Short term pain and long term gain?

Or just full time pain? That I think is the interesting angle to this. Will we see the other manufacturers doing the same to their already released figures? Will the others even get asked about if they don't?

I for one applaud Nokia for doing this. As far as I can see it can only benefit the industry in the long run.



If they'd take back their shitty N97s they'd have even less of a market share :)


I dunno....

....I'm a fan of my N97 mini. *shrugs*

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