back to article Vodafone cuts more staff

Vodafone will be 375 heads smaller by the end of March, though in the next few months company will apparently be recruiting an additional 170 "customer facing" individuals. The cuts are part of the ongoing programme designed to cut £1bn from operating costs by next year, but also continue the commitment to put more faces in …


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interesting use of employment laws by vodapain

I was always under the impression that you cant make staff redundant whilst at the same time be recruiting as you supposed to offer those your about to be made redundant the option to cross-train and maintain there pay scale, else would be falling short on the constructive dismissal laws.

Wonder who voda is gearing up to buy/merge with.


Its called compromising out

If this is like previous Voda redundancies - they're not interested in cross training the staff - they want to take higher wage earners out of the business.

Basically compromising out involves making the staff an offer they cannot refuse to compensate them for not following all that pesky employment legislation. To be fair the employee can refuse to be compromised - although I would imagine the pressure to go is quite strong. The employment legislation allows for this I believe.


Not quite

If I don't need a teaboy role in my org anymore, but I do need an Oracle DBA, I'm not going to cross-train the person currently in the teaboy role.

Vice versa would be an even worse example, paying an Oracle DBA their existing salary to make the tea.

So close, but the word "reasonable" was missing.

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Cheesing off consumers too

I'm not suprised they are struggling. Both of their recent policy changes towards consumers have caused some controversy.

They have shortened the upgrade period before a contracts expiry, and changed the contracts so that you cannot downgrade ever during the life of your contract.

The Vodafone forums are abuzz with annoyed users.


Had a chuckle today...

Sitting in a pub (natch) opposite the DNA shop (my ex-service provider's shop). Yesterday, I 'churned' to Saunalahti - another provider. Cheaper, much. So much so, I can call my girlfriend - also 'churned' - free for 300 minutes a month.

I wondered whether I should go into the office and register my change/cancel the contract. (No, Soile - my g/f - told me it's automatic)

Then, I remembered what it was like a couple of years ago, when I had to collect a ticket to wait in turn. For oh, 15 minutes or so? (Didn't bother, once I'd got my ticket I could see the LED display announcing the next customer from the bar. I'm not stoopid...)

Today, I laughed to myself and wondered what's the point? No-one walked through the door while I was, erm, imbibing for 30 minutes. No need to take a ticket. Front-facing staff? Oh, that'll be McDonalds.

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