back to article FA launches security probe after England team bugged

Reported attempts to sell recordings of conversations between England squad players and coaches have sparked a security breach investigation at the FA. Media outlets have been offered tapes reportedly made in the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire where England's squad stayed in the run-up to last week's international friendly …


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Paris Hilton

Title-lation here

The Beeb have me confused, on their story ( they seem to imply it's a gay thing:


particularly the way in which his team has been affected by the John Terry and Wayne Bridge affair," said BBC sports news correspondent Gordon Farquhar.


Paris? Why the hell not, I can't seem to incorporate Jimmy Edwards, although both players are a bit Troll-like

Silver badge

Must pay attention

When I read the headline and saw it was about football, for some reason I assumed the last word wasn't "bugged"

Big Brother

Place your bets

"It's unclear how the hours-long recordings were made, much less who made them."

Hmmm. I'm offering 2/5 on The News Of The World. Any takers?

Gold badge

Probably correct, but.

Given what was almost certainly one of the hot topics in any England squad discussions at the time, that paper's long established unofficial name: "The News of the Screws" may be more appropriate in this context.

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Probably not NoTW

On the news last night they had some journo from The Daily Star saying they'd been offered said recordings. I would have thought that anyone wanting the big bucks would have gone to the hacks in Wapping first, as I'd put Sun/NoTW as the first port of call for such things with The Mirror next and then others.

So I don't think it'd be NoTW. I'd have thought they'd like to publish it themselves as they once again gear up to try and destroy the England football team before a major championship.


Who would want to listen to....

...hour after hour of footballers talking? I mute the sound when they're interviewed on Match of the Day for heaven's sake and that's only for a few brief seconds.


RE: Who would want to listen to....

Come on, conversations like this are few and far beteen:

1: What did you have for lunch?

2: my wife made me a lunch box. what did u have?

1: I went out for a curry.


1: looking forward to the game on saturday?

2: yep

3: me too

1: blah blah blah


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