back to article Google pumps out Chrome build which knows where you are

Google yesterday released a dev-only build of Chrome for Mac OS, Linux and Windows which comes loaded with rough-round-the-edges versions of the Geolocation API. The latest update comes a few days after Google pushed out a Windows-only beta of its open source Chrome browser to its users. Google Chrome wonk Karen Grunberg …


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Has been in firefox for months... about bloody time!


This could be fun...

Find singles in your area, infact just down the road. Next left on the right.

Anonymous Coward


Geolocation? Don't make me laugh.

According to that nonsense so far this week I've been in Sheffield, Grantham and Doncaster without leaving my house. Needless to say my house isn't in South Yorkshire or Lincolnshire. Actually I'm very, very glad it doesn't work. I don't want my ISP giving away anything about my physical location.

I find it strange that many people consider Phorm's advertising, Google's search results or Streetview to be an invasion of their privacy or a an abuse of their human rights, but think that Geolocation by IP address is a good idea. I'm told that in some places Geolocation can tie you down to a particular on street cabinet. That's right knowing your IP address some faceless corporation could find out what street you live on. Better yet some psycho could do the same. And you think this is a good idea?

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