back to article Gartner says world will buy 10.5m tablets in 2010

The global PC business is apparently bouncier than the analysts at Gartner had been projecting only a few months ago, and now, they're predicting that PC shipments will rise by 19.7 per cent in 2010 to 366.1 million machines. With price competition and a trend toward cheaper machines, however, it is going to get harder for PC …


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exactly 10,500,000?

Why on earth guess at 10.5 million? Not 10, not 11, but 10.5?

If he is saying "lots, if you have a factory, but not so many that most people will have seen one", why not say so.

I loathe pundits who make up numbers to unreasonable precision.


Missing some words

The key phrase is "as many as" and "ship". Which suggests that the market will bear no more than that, the manufacturing plants that are in existence can churn out no more than that.

Note they didn't say "sell"

Also, bear in mind it's Gartner, who have a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy going on. If Gartner says it will be popular, it in turn means that blue chips will listen to them and jump on the band wagon.


what a load of tablets

count me as one person who won't be buying a tablet in 2010. Certainly not until they have some kind os stiff protection for the screen, a lot more power than an iPad (and a proper OS), and maybe a slide out keyboard of somekind,... wait a sec,... i already have one,... it's called a laptop !


Couldn't forecast Christmas !

Robert, I'm with you on this.

Most of these market researchers couldn't forecast Xmas but insist on giving figures to several decimal places..........

To add insult to injury they then want to sell their reports for thousands.

Not dissimiliar to pollsters forecasting the result of a General Election !

Better to read tea leaves.

Caveat Emptor.

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a bit on the low side...

add +1 to that number :) ... however, i'm waiting for something with a reasonably low price, pixel qi screen, long battery life and wifi+3g hsdpa support.... i.e. NOT APPLE's ipad... i think/hope that notion ink's adam will be that something, if they ever get to shipping.

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Apparently optical touch is the mxyzptlk on desktop

Just read a review - screen is normal to heavily armoured, touch is detected by tiny light beams across the screen. iThis means you can reach out and NOT touch the screen and use the cursor. I covet.

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