back to article Big Phone's first Google Android defaults to...Yahoo!

The first Google Android-based handset offered by the iPhone-hugging AT&T will not use Google as the default search engine. It will use Yahoo!. As reported by BusinessWeek, the Android-based Motorola Backflip will debut on March 7, and its browser search box will default to Yahoo!, although users will have the option of …


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truth, for once?

It's weird not to see some spin. It's very well known, stateside, that AT&T partners heavily with Yahoo for DSL and U-Verse digital tv.

So if that relationship alone is why the phone defaults to Yahoo-- very well, then.


At least

the phone allows you to change the default search engine. I've got no problem with that. Competition is good. Keeps the EU regulators out of your hair too!


Roald Dahl is one thing,

Cade Metz quite another. Hasn't the latter yet begin to tire of continually referring to Google as the «Mountain View Chocolate Factory» ?...


Thumb Down

AT T is going to loose

Motorola even more, no one likes Motoblur.

Yahoo instead of Google, that's just plain bad business.

Yahoo was great in the 90s, now with MS behind it, its only going to loose relevance and disappear, like all other companies that forged alliances with MS (eg. Borland, WP, Lotus, SCO, Novell, etc).

The back flip will become the BACK FLOP!

Who wants an Android phone with out the Google experience, only a foolish person would consider it.

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