back to article T-Mobile to slash international call rates

T-Mobile will next week slash the cost of making calls to overseas numbers - if you're one of its pay-as-you-go customers. The provider will charge between 5p and 20p per minute to make a call to another mobile, and 5-10p to call a landline. Texts costs 15p. The calls and texts must me made to any of 50 countries, and you …


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Freaking ridiculous!

How cool that new rates apply to not-always-so-loyal prepaid customers, while post-paid contract punters are still charged 70p a minute to call an EU country, unless they're ready to pocket out additional £5 a month (!) just to get 4p/15p rates - still worse than prepaid rates.



Prepaid vs post paid

I speak as a prepaid user (I use O2, not T-mobile for the record) as I do not want a contract for several hundred minutes I won't use.

While I see your point Dawid Lorenz aboiut PAYG not being tied, it offers at least one advantage for the operator.

Now that the old style scratchcards have pretty much disappeared fraud has been reduced and the operator is guaranteed the money up front.

In a post paid situation they are extending credit over the course of a month and are not always certain that they will get their money.

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