back to article IT jobs jump shows hope for UK economy

UK workers still fear losing their jobs even though survey data is starting to show an improvement in both permanent and temporary positions. KPMG's February jobs survey found the fastest increase in permanent positions since July 2007. Around 43 per cent of companies said they were increasing permanent jobs. And temporary …


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Where are the anonymous cowards... to inform us that everyone who is unemployed is lazy, jobs are plentiful, and people who think about "job security" suffer from a "sense of entitlement."

Well, except of course content creators. They (I'm sorry; I meant their labels,) are entitled to life + infinity of copyright, which is somehow different from anyone else in society desiring, requesting, expecting, begging or pleading for a sense of job security.

Anonymous cowards, you are failing in your duties, I demand more trolling, counter-trolling and other such shenanigans. I’m even in a bad enough mood today to pick this fight!

Hurray for ranting!

This topic is closed for new posts.


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