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Cisco Systems doesn't own the networking market. It just thinks it does. In reality, Cisco's shareholders have a large piece of the networking racket, but there is plenty of room left over for other players to get at the trough. And today, Force10 Networks - one of the up-and-coming 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking providers that …


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I've been a fan of force10 for a few years now, haven't yet used their stuff but certainly seems like nice gear.

Anyways I gotta say that I get the impression this IPO is more about trying to get some much needed cash rather than a showing of a successful company. The numbers mentioned in the article don't seem to fit the profile of companies that have gone IPO(for the most part seemed to be really strong, because the weaker ones wouldn't stand a chance).

Maybe it's another sign of an improving market in general that a seemingly weaker player can come out in this still down economy.

Certainly wish them the best though.

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