back to article Apple iPad on sale 26 March, says staffer

Apple will begin selling the iPad - the Wi-Fi only version, mind - on 26 March, two weeks after its starts running ads for the gadget on TV. So claims an unsurprisingly anonymous South California Apple Store manager who coughed up these details to an LA Examiner reporter. The Apple staffer also said the company's retail …


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Queing ...........

No way I will be queing for one of these......

I will however work from home that day and pop down at opening time to get one.

I have several uses for one of these rather than tote my laptop round for meetings etc.

Add a small portable hard drive to my bag and I can transfer data to anyone as needed at the same time.

3G not needed so cheaper earlier version just what I want.

Oh and this will be my first bit of apple kit so I'm no fanboi yet

Anonymous Coward

Fair enough.

'No way I will be queing for one of these......'

Good boy.

'I will however work from home that day and pop down at opening time to get one.'

Well, there's a contradiction, if the fanbois are to be believed, you'll be queuing 'round the block.. Ah, wait, this is the iPad we're talking about? Nope, you're right, you won't need to queue for one.

'so I'm no fanboi yet'

But you're so excited you did a little squee?

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I for one...

hope it doesn't come to the UK.



Go on then... Let us all know why you hope the iPad is not coming to the UK.



He's a Windoze fanboi who can't believe that MS has missed the boat again and is fed up having his nose rubbed in it by friends who make better choices?

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I'm sure you could guess.

I expect it's one or more of the following:

- Apple are EVIL because they're Apple

- they lock people in to everything

- *I* don't want one of their products, but they insist on still selling them and other people (who are clearly idiot fanbois) buy them

- Another manufacturer is rushing a similar product to market with a slightly lower price and slightly higher spec. Everyone should buy that instead, because it's better (or might be) at a couple of things that *I* do.

- Another manufacturer already has a product that can perform the same functions on paper. I haven't bought one myself, but I'm sure it's much better. Why would anyone other than an idiot fanboi buy the Apple one?

Did I get them all? Not sure if we'll find out.

It's odd, there are a great deal of products and services that I don't use, but I've never looked at one and said "I really wish that had never come to the UK", with the possible exception of Windows ME.

Anonymous Coward

I hope...

That those guys who bought 360s and PS3s on release and smashed them up in front of the queues of hopefuls turn up and have a go at the iPad - simply because it would be hilarious.

On the downside, as it's just a big iPod touch we already know that it will blend - and quite nicely too!


It's all about the UK price

It's a toy, lets face - it's not business critical. And a "technically compromised" one at that. So, it falls under (my) "useless male toy" rules:

- £400+ - no way, too expensive

- £300 - Top end of being acceptable. It had better be bloody sensational when I try it out

- £200 - even wife might get one. But dream on, I suspect

Not worried about onboard storage etc - I have a series of specific functions it will perform. All of them leasure based, and indoors. So no 'taking-the-pISS' 3G version for me.

I just wish they'd hurry up and announce the damned prices, so I know if my "male toy" budget will be impacted.

Badgers..because i almost ran one over today.

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