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Despite the annual technology prediction-fest that pollutes the airways each year, it’s fair to say that nobody really knows ‘where it’s all going’. And that’s good, because the world would be a bit boring otherwise. What we do have is a reasonable understanding of the direction in which things are going in general in IT. Plenty …


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and the fifth stage is ...

... outsourcing.

Once everything's been sorted out. You've got over the nervous breakdown, settled the divorce, come out of rehab and got your life back on track after having the whole "virtualisation thing" dumped on you by a PHB who wanted it done in a few days. You finally realise that since things are going so well - a testimony to your skills, perseverance and professionalism - that t'management are completely oblivious to all the work and just see it as a "cost centre".

Once it's stable, documented and fully proceduralised, it'll be contracted out to the lowest bidder and you'll be downsized.

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